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Well, it’s not easy, but that doesn't mean it’s not worth being yourself. You might not even know what it means for you right now. I mean, it took me until I was 25 to really understand all of the opportunities, and to learn that being bisexual was an option. I kind of always understood that on one end you could be gay, and on the other, you could be straight. But I really struggled because I liked both. And never having bisexuality as an option was really confusing…Once I got older and was able to get out of my small town, a lot of things were opened up to me. I got a lot of support, and people in the community said, “It’s alright. You can be bisexual if you want. And if that’s what you are and how you feel, it’s okay.” There is a community out there, and sometimes you have to work harder to find it.


I was raised Mormon, in Utah, and it was not pretty. It was actually -- it could have been a lot worse. I grew


up in Park City, so it was more liberal than Salt Lake [City], but I have very Mormon families on both sides, and


extended ones and large ones. And I kept it a secret for a long time – poorly – and then I withdrew from them


entirely, partly out of respect and just ‘cause I didn’t know how to do it any other way. That was the kindest


thing to do ‘cause I knew they didn’t have the means to handle it, and I didn’t want to teach them. So I took a


long time away and came back…and it’s been in the last five, six years that…they’ve been amazing.


I don’t know that my way was the right way to do it, but it worked. I didn’t pretend it wasn’t the case when I was a kid, but the stepping away and letting people have their responses, I think was necessary. And I just


wasn’t big enough at the time to be able to absorb that truth, so I had to give them the space to have that truth


and for me to be safe from it until they could make some peace with it. So give it time: things can change.


C: Give them time for sure to process it.