UPDATE - 02.23.2016

Our Kickstarter goes live tomorrow! We have 30 days to raise $25,000. Help us make it happen!

UPDATE - 12.16.2015

It's December and like it or not, 2016 is right around the corner. I personally, and mitigating my last minute things to do panic by vacillating between compulsively writing To Do Lists and spacing out starting at the computer in overwhelm, productive I know...

Part of the reason time feels like it's slipping away too quickly is because of the big things we want to do with the project. We're very close to finding out about the RACC grant, and with or without the funding we're planning the following for 2016:

Next Six Months-

Project Status

Love Wins Oregon Couples
  • Finish 50 couple portraits / Overlays (the combination of a quote and portrait)
  • Create a public exhibition of the project for the week of Pride 2016
  • Self-Publish a book of the project using Edition One Books and make it available for purchase
  • Photograph 9 new couples in different areas of Oregon

Within The Year-

  • Upgrade the website to for optimum usability and multimedia - include video interviews and interview transcripts
  • Plan for a California Love Wins Book- 50 couples throughout the state, book and exhibition

To fund the project we will be looking for sponsors and starting a Kickstarter campaign in the next couple of months. It'll be a great way to see how large the audience is for the project and create an opportunity to build our tribe. I'll be letting you know as it gets closer and of course we'll be asking and hoping for your support with knocking it out of the park.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? oh, I'm so glad you asked :)

We want to take this project to the next level. Building awareness and support is paramount. I know you're all busy with all the day-to-day and the holidays. But if you can take 10 minutes and pick 1-2 things of this list it will really help us grow.

  1. Send a link to our Facebook page or website to three friends with a short note about why they should check it out and get on the mailing list.
  2. Make your portrait  (with a link) your email signature. This is mine and when you click the image it take you to the site
  3. Create a Facebook Status sharing the project with your friend network
  4. Talk about the project and your experience in your daily life


Have the best of holidays!


Recent Portraits

UPDATE - 11.16.2015

Happy November!

Thank you to each and every one of the 42 couples that have become a part of the project. Your stories are really inspiring and I really feel privileged to be telling them.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I am a bit behind my initial guess of a timeline. I've found that as I'm working, it isn't possible to go quickly through these portraits. I want to labor over each one and make sure that it's the best reflection it can be. Then we have two transcriptionists who volunteer their time going over each interview transcript so that we can extract the best excerpt for each couple. It's a lengthly process, but it's so gratifying once each is done. 

Thanks so much for your continued patience. We're working as fast as we can while balancing our other commitments and maintaining the best quality possible. 

And guess what?!? In December we will find out if the wonderful folks at the Regional Arts & Culture Council have selected our grant for funding. If so, we'll be creating a outdoor exhibit of our project is Pioneer Square for Pride 2016! We'll keep you updated as it all develops. 

In the meantime, we'd love your continued support in sharing the project!



Feel free to contact me at gia@lovewinsportraits.com